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My Life in Two Worlds

My Life in Two Worlds

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“My Life in Two Worlds”, gives the reader a unique insight into the life of a Nedni Apache / Cherokee living in the White world. The son of Wisdom-Keepers fascinates with his colorful memoirs, blended with “words of wisdom.” He covers topics like Genocide, beliefs, myths and religion of the Original Natives of the USA. Even covers the hope for a new era, in American politics for his people, and the accomplishments, obstacles and challenges of President Barack Obama. He comments on the true meaning of Spiritualism – Outer-Body- Experience - Extra Sensory Perception – Mysticism of Shamanism. His serious example on the “Purification Ceremony” (Sweat Lodge), a sacred Native ritual abused by white would be gurus, is most revealing. The detailed account of the religious fanatic who wrought a cruel edict upon his people is overwhelming. He writes of his vision, of 2012-2013, at age seven. His stories about his mother and father will touch you, make you laugh, weep and awaken you.


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